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Use our Self Screen Evaluation here!

 Self Screen Evaluation Frequently Asked Questions

What does UMHS stand for?

UMHS stands for Universal Mental Health Screen

What is UMHS?

This site was initially created by researchers, physicians, and therapists at Community Behavioral Health for the benefit of their patients in rural and remote communities where access to formal neuropsychological testing and coordinated care of university hospitals was difficult. It contains three mental wellness questionnaires that screen for various forms of mental illness in adults and children based upon the most up-to-date DSM-V criteria. For more information you can visit UMHS website here.

What does the self screening evaluation do?

By taking the self screen you will be providing important information that will help both you and our mental health clinicians better understand yourself and/or your child’s mental health care needs. As of right now IHMS does not provide diagnosis or treatment recommendations but instead utilizes the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health 5th Edition’s Online Assessment Measures to aid in better understanding common symptoms of mental illness. With this information we will be able to provide you the best care possible. You can request a response & have it forwarded to CBH

How long does the self screening take?

The self screen takes about twenty minutes to take and at the end you will be provided a link to our intake form if you'd like to make an appointment


For the Self Screening Test Go To: UMHS Site

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